Villa Panigai Agriturismo premises have entirely been conceived with respect and safeguard of the environment, by using eco-friendly techniques and materials to fit perfectly in the surrounding countryside. Agriturismo Villa Maria is equipped with a heating system fuelled by woodchips, as well as photovoltaic panels placed on the roof of the greenhouse to avoid contaminating the lands, in order to guarantee the safeguard of the landscapes. The heating system consists of a Froling TMC 100 boiler (FROLING WWW.FROELING.COM) built in 2011. The boiler is fed by chipped grapevine wood (local eco-friendly wood deriving from discards of grapevine wood, such as branches and tops which go through some chipping machines). The boiler guarantees the emission of noxious gases equal to zero (efficiency > 94). Insulating materials consist of mineral wool, wood fibre and vulcanised rubber which can be recycled entirely and guarantee good heat conductivity. The photovoltaic panels are fed by a renewable source of energy and they guarantee no environmental impact: in fact they do not produce noxious waste nor gases as they avoid the use of fossil fuels, they do not issue electromagnetic radiations and they do not cause noise pollution. Also, their installation above our greenhouses implies an irrelevant landscape contamination and it prevents the heating of the lands.